Michael Chiesa Offers $50K Bonus For Joe Lauzon Rematch

joe-lauzon-michael-chiesa-ufc-fight-night-50Michael Chiesa (11-2) offers his $50 thousand Fight of the Night Bonus earned Friday Night at UFC Fight Night 50 in his loss to Joe Lauzon (24-10) in hopes of luring Lauzon into a rematch. Chiesa lost the fight Friday night by a doctor’s stoppage due to a gash opened over his right eyebrow by a knee from Lauzon.

The fight was active with both fighters exchanging shots and control until the second round when Lauzon landed a shot to Chiesa’s liver. As Lauzon followed with a flurry Chiesa was leaning while getting through when Lauzon caught him with a knee to his right eyebrow that opening a gaping wound that led referee Herb Dean to call in the fight doctor who ended the fight. Chiesa was visibly displeased and still wants the fight to go on.

The fighters were each rewarded with a $50 thousand Fight of the Night Bonus for their performance. The bonus was Lauzon’s record 13th performance bonus of his career.

However, the “Maverick” immediately took to trying to get a rematch, feeling that he would have liked to see the fight to a different finish because he felt he could continue. The war of word took place on social media as Lauzon responded to the request with, “rematches are dumb,” in an Instagram post that included a picture of the scorer’s card from the fight with a photo of Chiesa’s split eyebrow cropped with a shot of Lauzon with his hands raised.

So, Chiesa responded with, “don’t be scared homie,” along with a photo that showed Lauzon backed against the cage defending as a bloodied Chiesa attacks him with an elbow. Chiesa then said he would give back his bonus to have the rematch.

Once Lauzon got word he responded with, “Accept the loss like a man, or the ufc can send me your FoTN check and we do it again.” So it looks as though a rematch may be in the making but we will just have to wait for now.