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Michael Adams

Adam was born in Tennessee but currently lives in Georgia with his wife and daughter. He got involved with mixed martial arts at age 14 and from there his passion for the sport grew. In addition to competing in MMA competitions, he he earned a degree in writing at a large university. Pulling his two passions, he now publishes feature stories specific to the world of MMA.

Happily married, Adam and his daughter spend a good deal of time working on their Georgia “ranch” where they raise goats and ride horses. He is also an avid runner and spends several days a week with his wife in the gym keeping fit.

Although Adam no longer competes in MMA competitions but he never misses a broadcast or home competition if possible. With inside knowledge of the sport, he gives readers a lot of accurate and exciting information through writing.

Brian Mayfield

Brian hails from Florida and comes from a family that loves UFC and MMA. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree in writing, he moved to California where he worked as a news writer for a prominent newspaper. However, while working out at a local gym, Brian met a high-profile MMA fighter, which reignited his love for the sport.

Brian met his wife, Jane, while in California, and now married 10 years, the couple enjoys raising their two children and playing with their three dogs. In their spare time, the family loves going to the beach, parasailing, and watching MMA fighting.

Using his writing degree and experience, Brian made a career-changing decision by focusing solely on MMA competitions. This is where his heart is and since making the switch, he admits that he has never felt more fulfilled.

Wes Flores

Wes actually got his start writing about MMA competitions and competitors on a dare. Although he earned a Bachelor’s degree in writing from a reputable university, his focus for 10 plus years had been on travel-related topics. However, as a huge MMA enthusiast, he was dared by a friend to create an article that would be picked up by a top publisher within one day.

Always up for a dare, Wes decided to accept the challenge. Having a lot of knowledge of MMA and having been to numerous matches, he put pen to paper and within one day, had his first article published. From this point on, he was hooked. Married, Wes’ wife has been 100% supportive of the change.

His wife and two sons often join him for MMA matches but they also enjoy spending time traveling. Sometimes, they will take a short weekend trip while other times, they go on longer adventures. However, Wes often tries to schedule the trips to coordinate with MMA competitions.

Debbie Griffin

From a young age, Debbie remembers her father and brother sitting on the couch yelling for their favorite MMA fighter. Over time, she too began to take notice and soon, she was hooked. Although Debbie prefers watching female fighters, she appreciates the power, speed, and skill of many male fighters as well.

Debbie married her college sweetheart five years ago and the couple is expecting their first child in a few months. Together, they love family outings, hiking, and camping but with the new addition coming, Debbie and her husband, Todd, hope they can continue the tradition of watching MMA matches.

Working as a full-time writer for a well-known sports magazine, Debbie focuses mainly on MMA fighting although she also writes about other sporting events to include football and baseball.

Carl Hodges

With a writing career that spans more than 20 years, and being a huge fan of MMA fighters like Demetrious Johnson, Ronda Rousey, T.J. Dillashaw, Jose Aldo, Johny Hendricks, and others, Carl decided to combine his love for both and become a full-time MMA writer.

When not covering MMA fights, Carl, his wife Beverley, and their two children, Sarah and John enjoy boat racing, concerts, and spending time at the lake. Carl is dedicated to his family but also his writing. Today, he is a top writer for several sports-related publications and serves as contributing writer and editor for an MMA magazine.

As part of his career, Carl also hosts a spot on a local radio station, covering MMA fights, as well as other sporting genres. At this point, he is happy with his career but always driven, has goals to create his own website dedicated to the sport.

Steven Davis

Steven has been a highly respected writer and editor for a number of local and one nationwide newspaper. Although he covers a variety of sporting events, much of his work revolves around MMA competitions throughout the world.

Steven was born and raised in Minnesota but after getting married 32 years ago, moved to the Denver area. When his eldest son became interested in becoming an MMA fighter, Steven started to conduct research on the sport. With this, he became more and more intrigued to the point that it became the one competition he wanted to write about most.

From a very young age, Steven had an interest in sports but also writing. Today, he has the best of both worlds. When not watching MMA matchups and putting pen to paper, he and his wife love spending time with the grandbabies, taking road trips in the RV, and going to their lake house on the weekends