UFC Fight Night 52: Super Samoan Knocks Out Big Country

Mark Super Samoan Hunt UFCSAITAWA, Japan – Ultimate Fighting Championship No. 6 heavyweight contender Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt (10-8-1) became the first fighter to knock out No. 8 contender “Big Country” Roy Nelson(21-10) at UFC Fight Night 52 on Saturday. Hunt landed the walk-off knockout uppercut at 3:00 of the second round against Nelson, the first time in the Las Vegas native’s career he’s been left lying on the mat.

As the first round opened the fighters kept their distance showing the respect that would be obvious for a pair of fighters with this magnitude of power squaring off. Hunt opened the exchanges with a nice combination in center octagon that Nelson responded to in kind. As the two went through a couple of exchanges Nelson attempted a takedown that failed that Hunt used to continue to get his timing of “Big Country” on the attack.

Hunt continued to show off his striking prowess with a flurry that included leg kids and a series of hands that kept Nelson at bay for the most part. Hunt is known for his striking and his ability to mix up strikes to keep his opponents off balance and the first round was as display of that skill set. However, he was unable to keep Nelson from landing his quick right hand on several occasions as both fighters went tit-for-tat in round one.

The second round opened with a couple of exchanges that it seemed Hunt was getting the better of until Nelson was able to catch the “Super Samoan” with a single-leg takedown. The black belt in Jiu Jitsu immediately took the New Zealander’s back and tried to hold control as Hunt attempted to stand up. Hunt was quickly able to slip out the back door and get the fight back up.

After Nelson landed the second of his two powerful leg kicks in the fight, Hunt began to find his timing in the striking game as Nelson came in. Hunt rocked Nelson back with several strikes until eventually getting “Big Country” back to the cage where Hunt landed a stiff right uppercut that put Nelson to the mat on his face and ended the fight.