Who Will Fight CM Punk First

CM Punk the former superstar in the WWE shocked fans at the UFC 181 when he announced that he signed a contract with UFC mixed martial arts for a number of fights.

Now that Punk has committed to fight, everyone is wondering who the first opponent will be to face Punk when in enters the octagon in early 2015.

Punk, who is 36, does not have any prior experience in MMA, He is not sure where he will train or which weight class he will fight in. Although, he believes he will likely end up fighting as a middleweight.

Punk has trained for some time in jiu-jitsu, but admitted he has not even received a blue belt.

With many unknowns about his future in UFC, Punk will not likely face anyone strong for his first bout.

Dan White the UFC president said Punk wanted to participate in the UFC so the opportunity was given to him.

Brock Lesnar made the move from champion of the WWE to the Heavyweight Champion in UFC, but he had a background in collegiate wrestling that help him in the octagon.

Lesnar, while attending the University of Minnesota was a Heavyweight Champion in the Big Ten twice and an All American. He fought for the first time in the UFC at 29 years old.

Chael Sonnen a former UFC fighter and current analyst on ESPN is Punk’s friend. He said he thought he knew who Punk would fight first.

While many fans and sports writers have speculated that UFC would put Punk against an opponent they know he could defeat, his friend Sonnen says he believes Punk will go in as the underdog.

Sonnen said the opponent will not be a bottom-tiered fighter. He will be well known and a heavy favorite to be victorious. Punk will not be the favorite is first time out added Sonnen.

Shortly after the announcement was made by Punk about joining the UFC, Jason David who portrayed Green Power Ranger on television and competed in bouts of MMA created headlines by challenging Punk.

Other UFC fighters called out Punk as well on Twitter.

Punk has received both detractors and supporters for making this decision and has tried not to come off as arrogant.